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Welcome to Step Lightly on the Earth..........

Step Lightly on the Earth celebrates nature, living simply and having reverence for beautiful  creations handmade from natural materials

I believe :

* In building a global community of people who share ideas and a passion for making the world a better place...

* In reducing our global footprint...

* In making non-toxic toys and artwork for children and adults alike....

* In making toys for children that enhance creative play...

* In teaching children to have reverence for their special treasures....

* In encouraging and helping others to make their own creations....

* That everyone benefits from having a connection to nature...

* In life long learning...

My background 
I grew up loving the arts: drawing, painting, playing and dancing to music and creative writing.
I began a career in early childhood education in 1986 and loved sharing my love of art with the children. I have worked in a range of children’s services including, preschools; long day care and occasional care; family day care fieldworker; managing housing family youth and children’s services and  working with vulnerable families with parenting skills.

I discovered natural fibre art from the craft group at Little Yarra Steiner School 2005. I loved the wool felt and fleece and I wanted to learn how to make them for my children. I began making felt animals and needle felted figurines for my girls and I also made many needle felted fairies, gnomes and flower rings to raise funds for the school.  I soon began making gifts for family and friends and started to receive requests for my work from friends. This part of our life journey was the beginning of an enhanced way of living....


Learning to make mice, was one of my first projects!

Living with nature - our gorgeous girls and their sunflowers!

Molly enjoying nature and outdoor play

Jess with her nature basket

Jess and Molly's fairy castle - some of my earliest felting projects

Farmyard animals and knitted play mat

My rainbow pegasus - Mama and foal 

Wedding set made for my friend Robyn 2011

Over the years I have had an amazing time discovering what I can make with wool felt and natural fibres, developing my own techniques, patterns and unique sculptures. I have enjoyed sharing my love of fibre art with others at classes at our local community craft centre, with friends and especially with my two beautiful daughters.

Molly needle felting - 2005

Jess with her weaving and treasured doll (made by a friend!) - 2005

Whimsical girl and pegasus foal

Golden unicorn

Needle felted seasons dolls

Strong Women

Felting classes

My first story set - The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

 Fibre Frenzy at Taree Craft Centre - My first public display! - June 2011

In 2010 I decided to follow my passion for fibre art with much encouragement from my loving family and friends. In 2011 I was asked to teach fibre art at the local craft centre, then in 2012, I had a major spinal surgery, which resulted in a pause in my endeavours. I was back sewing and felting again mid year 2012 and  in January 2013 I opened an on line shop on Etsy.

MOLICAAustralia on was created  with a combination of my daughter’s names (Molly and Jessica), which I thought was appropriate as my original interest in Natural Fibre Art was all about them.  Jessica and Molly are both budding fibre artists and do some amazing work.

Crafting with Jess and Molly - 2013

Jessica's little dolls - 2011

Jess's gnomes - 2013

Jess's sewing for Killabakh market - 2013

Molly's mouse - 2013

Molly's dog - 2013

Molly's gnomes, needle felted creatures and flower rings 

Molly's Midgies - her original design - 2012

The world of natural fibre art isn't just about the 'end product'. It is about the rhythm of the making, discovery, creative expression and a way of living...............that is what this blog is about............I hope you enjoy sharing my journey....

[ A big thank you to Jessica, who designed the layout for this blog and to Jessica and Molly for their constant encouragement and for allowing me to share their work! ]

Pictures from the Fibre Frenzy display (clay food made by Jessica)

Killabakh Day in the Country Spring 2013

Swan Lake Fairy - made for Killabakh Day in the Country November 2013

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