Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Let's Make Bunnies!

Inspired by the appearance of multiple bunnies on the internet news feed........and Easter is getting closer........

Jess said "Let's make bunnies!"    Yes, lets..... and so here is the result of our hand sewing.... 

Jess's sitting bunny reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit story (by Margery Williams)..... another favourite of mine......if you haven't had the pleasure of reading this lovely story with your children, then it is a must to look up.

The perfect day for outside photography......

... and of course where there is one bunny, you will always find more......

Bunny photography by Jessica Jose`

The original pattern for these guys is from Sew Soft Toys by Karin Neuschutz, available from here LINK

The bunny pattern from this book is not one that I have sewn up very often, though the book contains patterns of many of my old favorites, before I began designing my own patterns.

The original pattern is intended for fur fabric and so the end product is much fluffier and works well. When sewn with felt it is a bit narrow in the head.  I decided to experiment with the pattern by using an insert within the head to give it more of a 3D shape.

I also added a little tail, as again the one in the pattern works with fur fabric, but not so well with felt. 

It gets a bit tricky to share this with you, however I will try. I had reduced the original pattern on a photocopier to 75% of it's original size and then the head insert is sewn in just under the nose (hopefully you can see that in the pictures below). 

If you use my sketch for the insert it should measure 7 cm from tip to tip and then you will have the same size head piece for the adjusted pattern - or you could sketch your own - the more individual the better really! 

 Head insert and tail pattern 

Steps: Using 100% Pure Wool Felt and Wool Stuffing.

Use a generous length of thread (two threads of quality cotton thread) - allow 3 times the length of thread for the length that you want to sew up.

I sew the gusset together first (blanket stitch), then keep sewing around the leg of one side to the midpoint on the bunny using the same thread - sew off.

Next, with a new thread, continue sewing from the back of the bunny, around the legs and belly, and start sewing up the neck.
Hopefully you can see (photos below), just under where the curve comes up, begin attaching the insert to one side. Sew all the way to the end of the insert and sew off.

Then begin again at the nose and sew up the other side. I fill the head and legs once the head piece is in and a couple of extra stitches along the back. I use the wrong end of a crochet hook to push the stuffing in, making sure that the legs are stuffed firmly and being careful not to push through the stitching. 

Sew all the way to the bottom leaving about 2 cm length to stuff. Once firm do a few more stitches, stuff a little more and them once firm, finish off.

The ears and tail pieces are sewn together next and attached.

Finally hand embroider the eyes and nose!

Sewing on the tail....

Just a little extra!
Now these little ones below come from a book called  The Nature Corner by M.van Leeuwen and J. Moeskops    

Another gorgeous pattern to have a play with in different sizes and make a family of bunnies!

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