Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Why blog?

So why have I started this blog?

My daughter suggested that I write a blog some time ago. I said “Oh no, why would I want to do that?”

She said, “To share your felting, your art and everything you know about children and parenting”.

I thought “I’m sure there is enough information on the net without me putting my two pence worth in.”

Then I entered into the BRAVE new world of Face Book, you see I am quite challenged by information technology and the world of social media.  I found so many wonderful things and links to places that I hadn't seen before and I started to look at this technology very differently.

Now twelve months has passed by and I am sometimes a bit frustrated by the limitations of sharing on Face Book on my MOLCIAAustralia page.

So my daughter said again, “You should write a blog.”

And so here I go on another adventure!

My Blog and therefore my writing is intended to 'share' my fibre art, thoughts, information, interesting and inspiring things, sometimes challenging things and links to things that may be of interest to  you. My writing represents a combination of my life experiences and my professional insights and experiences. My writing does not reflect professional advice. Please seek advice from a professional person in the relevant area if that is what you are looking for - Otherwise, please enjoy!

This blog has been completely set up by my daughter Jessica (15), through her own research and amazing ability on the internet.  It fits nicely into her study under Design and Technology and she is not only setting the blog up, but teaching me how to use it!

My younger daughter Molly (14) is also a keen supporter or this project and teacher of the finer points of information technology. You will see that both Jessica and Molly have much to contribute not only with their IT prowess, but also with their insights on life and contributions of their creative expression as the journey continues……….

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