Autumn Days

I love the colours of our autumn trees. . . . . 
Gold, yellow, red, orange and some green leaves
Hang from the trees and carpet the ground
The days begin to shorten . . . .  .
Our Aussie bush sighs with relief
The gentle cooling after a long hot summer
Thoughts of sunny days and cool crisp nights
Thoughts of gnomes, fairies, bunnies and toadstools to felt . . . . 
Cats, pouches, rugs and hats to knit and crochet
The planting of seeds, to welcome back in the spring . . . .
The harvest of our pumpkins and planting new seedlings
Thoughts of campfires with damper and marshmallows cooked on our camp sticks . . . .
Soup, scones, cakes and biscuits to bake
Lots of cups of tea to share with friends as we chat and sing . . . .
Michelle Jose` 2014

Autumn Felting

Needle Felted Doll - made for my Autumn Child

My first ever Autumn Doll, with Jessica's clay vegetable harvest!

Experimenting with a leaf pattern

When the moon has climbed the hill
And the world is very still
Then the bunnies do come out
To eat the grass and play about
Lots and lots of bunnies run
In the moonlight having fun
They'll be baby bunnies too
I'd like to see them
Wouldn't you?

(I don't know the author of this song - it is a favourite that I sang to my daughters and I learnt it whilst on Kindergarten placement at Parkmore Kindergarten, Vic)

My needle felted gnome in his toadstool house

Another gnome and my first ever lady bug!

Needle felted Autumn Boy

Resting gnome with his harvest

A toadstool house for the mouse family!

Toadstools a plenty!

Little mice in their pouches!

Knitted Cats! - their story
In 2012 I had a spinal injury and during my recovery I could only lay flat or stand. Needle felting and sewing were too difficult to manage. My daughters found a pattern for these cats amongst my stash of craft things to do one day and I took it along with some supplies with me to hospital. Post surgery - spinal fusion - I began to knit, (something I am not skilled at), and this is the result. Whilst in hospital the staff would comment and many of my early cats went home with them. I kept on knitting cats when I went home and to keep me amused I would experiment with different yarns and different sized needles. The process was very therapeutic and I began to wonder at the symbolism of cats. I named my cats 'Recovery Cats'and when I was able to sit for short periods I researched this and wrote this piece....
Your Recovery Cat brings to you: -
Friendship and Companionship from its
Celtic Ancestors;

Wisdom and Knowledge from its
Greek and Roman Ancestors;

with Flexibility and Adaptability 
to face challenges in your time of need.

She is your Protector and brings Happiness
and Healing from Ancient Egypt,

sitting patiently beside you
for as long as you need…

 Michelle Jose`

Jessica's book shelf gnomes 

Cooking damper!

Autumn Felting!

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